Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Meaning Behind the Blog Title

"Alex Vary's Writing Axle" seems like a weird name. It is. It was a split second decision, but as of late I've been liking imagining writing as a wheel. You spin it and spin it until you've come up with ideas and put them in the right order, then you tie them together with the English language. All of this happens around the axle of the wheel, which in this case, is your brain.

So the blog is basically titled "Alex Vary's Writing Brain." How pretentious.

Another reason behind the name is that this very same idea is used in my book, in a minor way. There is a military project in Dandon called Project Axle, which Orin is briefed on in his third chapter (At least that's where it is now). This project is quite game changing, and that's where the word axle came into play here. The word just randomly popped into my head when I needed to name that project, and here we are. This is how things become things.

Anyways, this was just a short morning post. Figured I could explain the name, because some people might think I was just using the word wrong.

I'm also going to try limiting posts to once per week, giving a random collection of thoughts and progress. Keep an eye out for another post!

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