About Me

Writing has always been in my background. Whether it was short stories, scripts, skits, or essays, I found a way to write. It wasn't until I was around 20 that it came to the front of my life. I love to write, and am working on my first manuscript.

I live in Pennsylvania, born and raised. I am currently going to college for computer science. I love reading and writing, as well as many other arts. I listen to music, my favorite artists being Kimbra, Florence + The Machine, Donna Summer, and Adele. I do graphic design pieces, as seen on my deviantArt below. I try to dabble in everything, but writing has become so much more to me than that.

Feel free to comment on this blog anywhere, or even email me! You can ask to beta read things, or just have a chat!


One day I may make an Instagram, Facebook, and/or Youtube account for authorial purposes.

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